VFit Protocol was started to simplify the product regiment used by athletes and lifters in their pursuit to improve exercise results.  Our unique ingredients are blended into two supplements, allowing you to get the key needed nutrients from one pre and one post workout supplement.  We also offer a whey protein blend as a third supplement when additional protein supplementation is desired.

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Evan Vogel
Founder and Principal

Evan is a former collegiate athlete. In his time as a collegiate athlete he had access to nutrition and training advice that most people will never get. Through that knowledge he has developed a passion for training and nutrition that has pushed him to continue training well past his time as an athlete. Over his past 8 years of strength training he has found the best supplements to help achieve the most your body can.

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Chad Vogel
Founder and Principal

Chad is a passionate weight lifter, who significantly improved his muscle mass lifting ability over the past 4 years.  His competitive nature, which came from his many years of soccer drives him to continue to study techniques and nutrients to improve his lifting abilities.


Harrison Vogel, DO


Harrison Vogel is a board certified family physician who practices in south east Michigan with an emphasis on lifestyle intervention.  He has been strength training since 2005 and was a competitive road cyclist for 7 years amongst other athletic interests.